No matter whether standard filter products or individual customized filter solutions in the automotive industry, for gas turbines and compressors, for food and beverage applications, or in the chemical and pharma industry and cleanroom applications are required. Wetzel Technologies will offer exceptional filtration solutions to improve the efficiency of filtration processes in low temperature or high temperature air filtration systems.
We are proud that our range of innovative, high quality products are developed, designed and built in our own state of the art production facilities. All Wetzel Technologies employees are fully committed to the top quality philosophy which allows us to ensure optimum performance from product design to delivery.
In addition to high quality filter products in all filter classes from G2 to H14 for every application, our customers can select a variety of different services like application engineering support, training courses, filter management and analysis of air quality or particle measurement on site.

Based on our problem solving approach our strong customer focus and our quality philosophy Wetzel Technologies will continue to improve process efficiency in air filtration applications in order to protect people and contribute to a cleaner environment in all parts of the world.

paint applications

gasturbines and compressors

chemical industry

food and beverage

indoor air quality

Cleanroom technology


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